Our Commitment to Customers

MEP will provide an individual and flexible, value for money service to meet the needs of each of our customers.

We will work closely with you to meet mutually agreed targets and performance measures and deliver continual improvement.

We will be there when you need us, both now and in the future.

Health and Safety

MEP has years of experience in working in both occupied and non-occupied premises. All personnel are aware of their duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act (HASWA), 1974, to not only themselves and their fellow colleagues but also the safety of others that may be affected by their actions.

Our safe systems of work ensure all risks are assessed, reduced and where possible eliminated, site tidiness and security are maintained and customer care is constantly monitored.

All personnel are trained and their skills developed in the use of plant, machinery and various paints.

In addition, we employ independent safety consultants to undertake random site audits and advise us on matters of health, safety, welfare and the environment.

Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

MEP is committed to the development of its workforce through the provision of health, safety and welfare, site conditions, career development and specific skills training.

As an Investor in People, we know that by investing time and effort in ensuring the safety awareness and technical competence of our people that our customers will benefit in many ways.

Delivering Best Value

MEP believes in providing a quality service to a clear standard in the most economic, efficient and effective way for each individual customer.

Best value drives our business, ensuring ever improving standards, encouraging innovation, benchmarking and achieving sustainable environments.

We work with our partners to deliver the partnership objectives and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

By monitoring key performance indicators, identifying training needs and adopting new techniques and products, all partners benefit from combining experience learnt with continuous improvement.

Performance Monitoring

The establishment and monitoring of partnership objectives and key performance indicators are essential.

Merseyside Painting

Added value can be achieved in:

Reviewing and monitoring this data along with our partners, allows us to challenge the existing services that we offer and continuously look at ways to improve.

Working together and evaluating performance against benchmarks, can introduce new objectives and plans to innovate for the future.

A Single Point Solution

This bespoke service is designed to integrate with the growing need of national customers to achieve a uniform service level throughout the country, focussing on quality, safety, environment and cost.

We provide a tailored solution and a single point of contact through which we can provide and coordinate a number of additional services to compliment our core expertise. IT systems support the programming, delivery and scheduling of maintenance cycles.

Refresh projects, planned and delivered to the highest standards, ensure that redecoration, flooring and ceiling works are completed on time with a minimum of disruption.

In response to specific customer requirements, we have enhanced our service within certain sectors to include the management and delivery of planned and reactive building maintenance solutions.

Our excellent Project Management skills create an opportunity for customers to make significant time and cost savings through reduced administration and management time.

Industrial Painting Commercial Painting

MEP makes the difference

Private Sector

MEP has an effective working relationship with its commercial and industrial customers in many ways.

We offer dedicated site teams, who have the bespoke training and experience required to work in particular environments and dedicated Contracts Managers who monitor every aspect of the partnership to ensure it progresses in line with the customer's requirements.

We work with customers to provide personnel and resources to meet their individual requirements, this may mean additional training to meet necessary skills for specific industries such as the food, utility and defence industries.

We are now working in partnership with a vast range of organisations including the CITB and training companies.

Regional Support

Regional Support

We also manage the assets of customers on a local and regional basis. We invest in the training and development of local personnel to manage the specific needs of customers.

Our thorough understanding of the customer requirements means that we can be proactive in their service and maintenance requirements.

We advise customers on proactive maintenance options which can be incorporated within budget and will reduce their long term maintenance costs.

This service is readily adapted to the needs of both commercial and industrial customers as well as public sector organisations.

Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions

Our customers rely on our project management skills to carry on business as usual even during major refurbishment programmes.

We offer tailored technical and specification advice to our customers to ensure that we deliver the most cost effective solution to their unique situation.

By developing a bespoke solution for customers we are able to achieve very specific targets:

Handing over the management responsibility of project planning to MEP will benefit clients in cost and time savings.

As quality, time and specification requirements are met, customer satisfaction will be achieved.

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